Silver Lining

Entering the Feywild

  • The party search the chamber in which they slew the demon and come across a cache of magical items!
  • Anouk and Manuka convince Haans to have his jelly fish stings treated by golden shower. He goes with it willingly.
  • The Water Temple collapses shortly after the party departs. They make their way back towards Ogrefoot, porting the body of the dead Elf of House Syríonê, and taking in the beautiful natural scenery. One night, Anouk attempts to search through Haans’s belongings while he sleeps, but the Ranger awakens and catches her in the act. The Elf makes an excuse, but Haans is skeptical; he begins to doubt her trustworthiness.
  • After several days’ travel over rolling grassy plains, the party comes across a stand of old totem poles. Anouk senses that the site is a nexus of cosmic power, and uses the opportunity to open a portal to the Feywild, which transports her and the party to the magical realm.
  • The Feywild, homeland of the Eladrin, or High Elves, is rich in magic. All matter, every leaf, rock, and drop of water, resonates with power. The air is fresher, food tastes better, and music sounds more lovely. Visually, all things have a painterly appearance.
  • Anouk guides the party to the beautiful Castle Syríonê, where they are ushered to the court room by two guards.
  • Anouk diplomatically presents the body of the fallen Syríonê adventurer to the court. The King is saddened but relieved to know the fate the young warrior, and by Elvish custom, considers the return of the body a great honour. He declares Firizine a friend to his House.
  • The party notices one of the King’s advisers rankling at this development; he seems highly perturbed by the sudden boost to House Firizine’s esteem.
  • The King (Quelindan) makes the Argonauts his honoured guests for the night, putting them up in magnificent rooms with stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The party takes full advantage of the generous hospitality, splurging on sponge baths and foot massages, before joining the King as guests at a royal banquet.
  • The party enjoys an unforgettable evening of dining, revelry, and merry-making; Manuka has an inspiring jam session with the court minstrels. The next day, she buys a silver Elven harp from an instrument maker in Syríonê town.
  • Before leaving the Feywild, Anouk writes a letter to her family, notifying them of the potential new alliance in House Syríonê.
  • King Quelindan presents her a bracelet, signifying the friendship of his house. Shortly after, an unknown party slips a note to her, warning that Firizine still has enemies committed to keeping it from gaining power.
  • The party bids farewell to the castle and returns to the material plane, finally arriving back in Ogrefoot to claim their reward for a job well done…



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