Silver Lining

Fracas at the Inn

  • The party returns to Ogrefoot and head to the Inn for food and rest. Anouk and Haans check into rooms and rest, while the other Manuka, Scraplin, and Tulip visit the dining hall, which is packed with customers.
  • Scraplin attempts to intimidate a guest into giving up his seat so he and the other Argonauts can sit down. Not only does Scraps fail, but he knocks over the beer stein of a Leatherneck gang member, who starts a massive bar brawl.
  • During the fracas, Scraplin sneaks into the kitchen and helps himself to some free beer. Tulip bull rushes through the crowd, then joins Scraplin in the kitchen, destroys the beer keg racking, and starts a beer tidal wave. (He log drivers’ waltzes on a keg, while holding a keg.)
  • Meanwhile, Manuka one-punches a bully, but is later snared around the neck by a chain, knocked out, and dragged to an unknown location.
  • In the aftermath of the beer flood, Scraplin and Tulip realize that Manuka is missing. They search the hotel rooms upstairs, coming across Eambard, the Gnome innkeeper, in the physical act of love with a female Goliath, and Haans. The three of them set off in search of their Dragonborn friend.
  • Elsewhere, Manuka wakes up in a stone prison cell. Coincidentally, her old adventuring companion Mort is in the opposite cell. Manuka uses her fire breath to kill the jailer, takes his keys, and releases Mort.
  • Exploring the dungeon in which they find themselves, Manuka and Mort find that they can go up three flights of stairs, but can only access the two lowest levels.
  • On the second-bottom level, they ambush a sleeping jailer. They manage to tie him up with chains, and attempt to interrogate him, (cutting off two fingers and his member!) but he scoffs “do what you want to me, you’ll never get past my brothers.”



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