Silver Lining

Hidden Chamber

The party of Anouk, Manuka, Haans, Scraplin, and Tulip rest after their tough battle with the monsters in the Chain Puzzle Room. The next day, they return to the Temple’s main chamber, and notice that a second waterfall has dried up and the water level in the central channel has lowered again.

At Anouk’s suggestion, the party retrieves the body of the dead Elf. The corpse ends up at the bottom of a deep pool of water, owing to Tulip’s attempt to swim to the bottom gone wrong. Anouk makes an effort to retrieve it but panics once she gets to the bottom and nearly drowns, but is saved by the intervention of Manuka and Haans.

Manuka discovers a hidden door behind the third waterfall and the party makes their way in. After disarming a few traps, they battle and defeat two Soldier Crabs.



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