Silver Lining

Opening the Egg

The party take an extended rest after their battle with two Soldier Crabs. When they awaken the next day, they feel mightier; in fact, they’ve leveled up to level 2!

Exploring three long hallways, party members discover wheels embedded into the wall. Turning all three of them causes a pillar to descend, presenting a jeweled treasure box. Scraplin picks the lock after placing the box underwater, to reveal a filigreed turquoise sphere that opens on a hinge and seems to absorb energy within a small radius.

Returning to the main chamber, the party notices that all three feeding waterfalls have tried up, and the water level in the channel is diminishing. After a few minutes, the level drops to the point that the previously submerged staircase becomes accessible. The party descends the stairs and finds their way to a grand chamber. Anouk moves in for a closer look, and is ambushed by a 12 foot tall demoness…



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