Silver Lining

Somewhere in an alternate universe

While the Argonauts delve the Temple of the Sea Demon, somewhere, in some parallel reality, another party — similar, but different — battle monsters of their own.

Anouk (a Unicorn-Elf with a powerful Troll fetish), Tulip (a bull-headed Minotaur), Manuka (a chameleonic Lizardfolk), and Scraplin (a towering Goliath), are attacked by three Tomb Golems deep in the catacombs beneath an ancient city.

While vocal-fry Manuka clings to the walls with her chameleon power, a warlock spell gone wrong sends Scraplin plummeting into a pool of acid. Anouk rescues him with a timely whirlwind spell, but also incinerates her comrade Tulip with a column of flame intended for an enemy Golem. The rest of the party members survive, acquiring 50gp, 150xp each. Anouk also finds a Potion of Cure Light Wounds (MME, 96).



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