Silver Lining

Swamp Showdown

Party of Brienne, Graf Orlock, and Miri arrive at the column of smoke. They scout around and behold the disgusting scene surrounding the Brain of the Swamp.

They attract the attention of some Swamptouched zombies and destroy them. Attempting to move in closer, they spy Zarr’s Apparatus and awaken the Fenlord. As they battle the Fenlord, Orlock uncovers the Brain and blasts it until it erupts in a frothy pink shower, immediately killing all nearby Swamptouched. Not long afterward, the Fenlord falls as well.

The heroes investigate the Apparatus, notice the enormous Nulnbinnul spearhead, and realize that although it resembles a trebuchet, its purpose must be to drill down to release Zarr from his subterranean prison. They smash it it sufficiently to make it inoperable, and debate whether to activate it. Finally, they discover a furnace nearby, the source of the smoke, the area littered with several dead Swamptouched dwarves.



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