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  • Firizine

    [[File:412264 | class=media-item-align-right| unicorn1v1.png]]Vassal house to a vassal house, a footnote in the Eladrin [[Great Hierarchy]]. Firizine also names the minor Feywild city-state ruled by the family, and the ancestral castle sited therein …

  • Syrione

    House Syrione (surr-EYE-un-ee') is a major House of the Eladrin [[Great Hierarchy]], not connected to House [[Firizine | Firizine]]. Its symbol is a black swan with unfolded wings. The [[Argonauts]] discovered the body of a young Syrione Paladin in the …

  • Anouk

    [[File:412264 | class=media-item-align-right | 200px | unicorn1v1.png]] *The Basics* Female Eladrin Wizard *Physical Description* Electrum laurel circlet Crystal Orb implement 5'10" Member of House [[Firizine | Firizine]].